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Chicago Jaw Surgeon

Oral surgery may be necessary for a number reasons, and it can encompass quite a few different procedures. Oral surgery may be needed in order to help make room for a new smile before undergoing orthodontic treatment, to resolve an intensive dental issue, or to correct your bite. Here at Millennium Park Oral Surgery, our Chicago jaw surgeon Dr. Zager can help patients of all kinds with a variety of different surgical needs in order to help improve their dental health.

Here at Millennium Park Oral Surgery, our Chicago jaw surgeon Dr. Zager has been serving the area with the best possible dental care since he became an oral surgeon in 1981. We do all that we can here at our offices in order to ensure that our patients are as comfortable and worry-free as possible, especially when it comes to something like jaw surgery. Jaw surgery is usually needed to correct bite problems and misalignments. Orthognathic surgery, or corrective jaw surgery, may also be required to treat both minor and major bone or teeth irregularities as well. If your jaw does not meet correctly, then you may have serious problems eating, speaking or breathing. Jaw surgery can be implemented in order to improve the overall shape of your jaw and your bite in order to improve these things as well as your dental health. Some dental issues may be subtle, but you might want to consider jaw surgery if you have difficulty eating, chewing or biting, swallowing, or other similar issues that affect your everyday life.

If you have any issues concerning the shape or function of your bite and jaw, then Dr. Zager would be more than happy to set up an evaluation in order to determine the details of your condition and what may need to be done as a result. Call us here at Millennium Park Oral Surgery to learn more about what our Chicago jaw surgeon can do for you.

Lawrence Zager, DDS

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